Monday, August 20, 2012

We are never ever, ever, getting back together.

Until Wednesday.

You guys, I have a problem. A donut problem. I KNOW!!

But it's not the kind of problem you're thinking it is. (well, it's probably that kind of problem too, but I'm not really ready to break up with my donut store.....yet. Unless it starts listening to indie records that are cooler than mine... then we're DONE!)

(Oh you guys....did your daughters make you listen to that song 50 or 60 times over the weekend or am I just really lucky?)

It's going to be one of those weeks. Buckle up.

Here's the thing. I have a donut place. They have the BEST donuts evah. They also have a drive up window. Bonus points!! I try not to go there very often, because, hold on, here's some math for ya.

Donuts + The Gym = We cancel each other out sucker

I've been keeping my donut runs to one a week for a while now, which, considering the deliciousness of these donuts is no easy feat. Last week I went on Monday morning and the cute little girl who answers the window gave me one of those little smirk-nod things, seemed odd, but not odd enough to keep me from my usual order of 2 blueberry cake donuts (I save one for after lunch). Like the paranoid fruitcake I am I kept thinking about it all day. It niggled at me. Does she remember me and does she think I eat too many donuts, or is she just not a fan of the blueberry cake? Do I really care what the donut store girl thinks of me? (I can't believe you even asked that, you know I do.)

On Friday after I dropped kids off at school my son and I decided to grab some donuts, it was Friday after all. We decided not to drive through, we wanted to go in and take a look at the merch just in case we wanted to break from the usual (we didn't). While we were standing there deciding a car pulled up to the window and donut girl's co-worker went over to take care of it. That's when I saw donut girl look over at the window and make the same smirk-nod and say, "He just wants coffee."

YOU GUYS!! For once in my life my paranoia has been validated. She DOES remember me, she remembers EVERYONE, and she is smirking at me!!

You know what? I don't care. She can smirk all she wants, I'm still getting donuts once a week. So there.


the running couple said...

I say go even more often, that way she has to smirk even more and maybe she'll get stuck like that.

I too love donuts. We leave for the beach in a few days where my favorite donut place is located, we are staying a quarter of a mile from the place that makes your donuts fresh while you wait...I've already told my family I'm getting a donut no less than five times that week so there is no point in even trying to deter me by telling me how bad they are for me.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Oh my gosh!! Donuts while you wait?! I might have to move there.