Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Olympics~Part II

I'm a wreck, or I was yesterday, it's early so I'm hoping (against the odds) that today will be better. Yesterday was the first day of school, which always gets me a little weepy, throw in the Olympics, and a son who's considering joining the Navy you get a full on melt down when Misty May and Kerri win the gold in beach volley ball.

That's right you heard me, I sobbed when that match was over. I had mostly held it together all day, but it would appear that we have discovered my breaking point, and it is beach volleyball. My daughter looked over and asked if I was crying. I'm not sure, my eyes were filled with tears so I couldn't see clearly, but when I could only nod and wipe my eyes (because I didn't want to do that ugly thing where you're not in control of your emotions so when you try to talk it comes out sounding like Helen Keller), I'm pretty sure I saw her mouth "WOW" and roll her eyes.

I really think NBC and their delayed coverage should to take some responsibility for my mental state. I mean, I have not gotten to bed before 11 p.m. in almost 2 weeks. Sleep deprivation is a powerful thing. I'm not gonna lie, those "Thanks Mom" commercials aren't helping either. By the time the closing ceremonies roll around I won't have any dignity left at all.

Not that I started with much.

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Ginger said...

Oh dang! I hate this time of year! I'm sending you a virtual {hug} from one mom to another. :)