Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No wonder I never get dressed.....

....it's a lot of work.

Sometimes (always) I like to think that I can change my nature. You know, self improvement and all that jazz. I hear clever little ideas and think, "I could do that!" So I try them out and, you know, usually it ends up that my nature is not so easily changed. Go figure. For example, my sister in law (whose nature doesn't even need to be changed) told me about this app for the iPhone where you log all of the food you eat and it keeps track of your calories and you lose weight and eat less junk, better person, blah blah blah. So OF COURSE I had to try it.

{Side story, the conversation went something like this~
Me: So, do you have any cool apps on your phone that I should know about?

Her: Yes, there is a great one for calendaring, a fantastic budgeting one, and other one that keeps track of my calories. I will soon rule the world.BAHAHA!!*

Me: Sweet. I found one that lets you take funny pictures of your kids and you can send prank postcards RIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE!

Her: Heh. (Thurston Howell III laugh)
The End}

Yeah, so I start using the menu diary thing and it keeps track of my calories, and I eat less (like practically NOTHING) and after about a month I haven't lost any weight so I stop entering every time I eat, and for a few days I forget about it altogether. Then I get a little pop up reminder that says "It has been 3 days since you logged into Food Guilt" so I MAKE UP 3 days worth of what I ate so my phone won't get mad at me, that's right.... I LIED TO MY PHONE! (if you think that's crazy you should go light a candle of gratitude right now that you are not in my head all the time.) Then I deleted the app. It was too much pressure. Sorry Siri.

Which brings us to today's story, which I know you are now DYING to hear.

I read somewhere, not too long ago, how the simple act of getting dressed for the day can change your whole attitude. I don't think I have a horrible attitude, but I have found myself looking a little unkempt at unfortunate times recently, so I thought I'd give it a try. I work from home so getting dressed pretty much means showering and not wearing what I slept in until it's time to go to bed again or changing out of my workout clothes when I get home from the gym. You wouldn't think it would be that hard, but....

......it was EXHAUSTING!!

 I decided in the beginning that I would take a picture every time I got "dressed". I've noticed that people with my "nature" need something to force us to be accountable. Taking a picture of myself every day might have been the worst part. Ugh. I do NOT want to see what I look like all the time. Mirrors.....who needs 'em?!

Turns out I'm not good at anything. I'm wearing my workout clothes right now. That I slept in. I give up.
Who cares? 

PS~I can hear some of you saying something like "Why does she have so many Kentucky shirts?" To you I say "Compared to whut?"

*She did not really say she will soon rule the world. She didn't have to.


lori.huffaker said...

First of all you do not need to loose any weight, you look awesome. AND...some of those outfits were super super cute on you. I am afraid I have fallen into the "lets not get dressed or put make up on or do our hair cause I work at home all day thing too. Sadly, Darin has to look at me all day. Today I am recieving an iPhone in the mail for my birthday. I will call you for some awesome apps...including the funny prank postcard one!

Janeil Jones said...

Following you from Mormon Mommy Blogs. Too funny. I feel the same way about dressing. Too much work! Love your blog.

Pamela said...

Found you through Mormon Mommy blogs:)
So glad I did, this post is hilarious and all too familiar! Pjs are my best friend!
You looked super cute of plenty of those outfits though!

I'd rather find apps where I can take photos of my little one too;)

Gina Kershaw said...

This was my first time reading your blog and... you are awesome. Loved your attitude and honesty and your comments brought a smile to my face!! Thanks so much for writing - I will come back to read again.

BTW - I had that "losing weight" app too - and I feel like my mom is reminding me every night at 6:00 to log my food for the day. Aaaccckkk!!