Thursday, August 16, 2012

I graduated, but not necessarily with honors.

Due to a "minor" traffic infraction, I had to take an online defensive driving course this week. It was, like, way super fun. And also, informative. There were a couple of parts where there was a bunch of math and all I could think about was how in the world am I supposed to work a problem like, speed times distance divided by tire size equals whatever, while I'm driving? You know what's a hazard on the road? Me. Doing math. Behind the wheel. Seriously, I tried doing that thing where you're supposed to pick a landmark and wait for the car in front of you to pass it then count how many seconds it takes you to get there so you can obey the 3 second rule and I couldn't seem to manage to get to 2 one thousand without getting distracted, nevermind adding in extra seconds if I'm fatigued or the weather is bad or my dog is loose in the backseat.

I should probably do everyone a favor and buy a bus pass.

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