Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics~Part I

Did you guys meet my new boyfriend, the London Olympics? Swoon! We spent the entire weekend together. He's very exciting. I loved the opening ceremony, except for the part when my ex-boyfriend, Captain Obvious, I mean Matt Lauer, would not stop with the obvious commentating. "Merideth, it looks like they've built a grassy hill." "They're going to dance now."  When will these "news" people learn that there's nothing wrong with silence? If there's nothing to say then say nothing. That's my motto. (Or it ought to be.) I mean, honestly, are they getting paid by the word? Oh, and Ryan Seacrest and his hair are now Olympic correspondents?  Seriously? How does one go from American Idol to the Olympics? Seems like a stretch. I'm a little worried that NBC has jumped the shark.

Anyway......I think I watched more TV this weekend than I have since March. I'm a sucker for all of it. I love the stories of adversity. I love the commercials. I love that the men's swim team has given up those silly full body swimming suits. I cry when they win, I cry when they lose, I cry when beach volley ball girls try to sell me lip gloss. The last couple of days have been very emotional.

Our daughter loves it too. She has decided that she really really wants to be an Olympian. She talks about it constantly. Nevermind that she's not athletic and gets super annoyed when anyone tells her what to do. I can barely hear the obvious commentating over her chatter. "What do you think I'd be good at?" "What if I had to move away to train?" "Do they give everyone those USA jackets, and do they get to keep all of that stuff when the Olympics are over?" I've been trying to explain to her that it takes A LOT of practice and they probably don't ever have time to watch Dr. Who, but I don't think she's hearing me. As she was falling asleep last night she asked me if the gymnast have a hair and make-up person, if so, she thinks maybe someone should tell them that the Olympics isn't the place for glitter hairspray.


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lori.huffaker said...

More proof that Chelsea belongs at your house.. Here is an actual quote from my daughter. " I am feeling so stressed. I don't think I will be able to watch ALL the olympics, it's on 4 channels at the same time." We have Tivoed and watched all of it. Then discussed it. Last night she cried when Jordyn didn't make the all around. She was too upset for bed.