Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Paula Deen am I

Or any other domestic goddess for that matter. I don't do crafts, my house is unorganized, and I do not like to cook.

I don't. Sue me.

Fortunately no one is starving around here because my husband does like to cook. He likes cooking so much that every meal is an experience. A new ingredient, dirty all the dishes, 3 trip to the store, experience. It's exhausting. When I suggest things like "hey, lets just grill some chicken and steam some broccoli" he looks at me like I'm nuts. He's got a cookbook collection and he's not afraid to use ingredients like "pureed chicken livers" (barf). He loves to whip up something fancy then gets excited about everyone trying it. It's really kind of cute.

All this is great when he's able to cook, but every now and again I get stuck with dinner duty and things go south pretty fast. (What's up with that phrase anyway? What's so bad about the south?)

I hesitate to admit this in our world of "foodies", but I don't care that much about eating. I've been gasped at more than once for not liking Thai food or never having tried some of those smelly cheeses all the kids are so fond of these days. Whatever. I like to eat and I like to eat good stuff (as long as there are no weird smells, textures, or ingredients {I'm looking at you pureed chicken livers}), but if "good stuff" is not available, I'll eat toast or Cheerios. It's not a big deal to me.

So, anyway....my husband is out of town this week, and is going to be working out of town for most of the next 2 months, and so far it's not looking good on the dinner front. Monday I ordered pizza, last night we went to Subway. This can't go on. I've got to get some cereal in the house.

Do you cook? Do you like it? Do you use crazy ingredients like saffron?


the running couple said...

I like to cook, especially soups and chili much to my children's disapproval. But I love to bake, it's one of my favorite past-times and the kids will come in and ask what I'm making and love to be taste-testers for new things. However, we do a lot of pizza and Mexican made by others hands for dinner, especially in the summer months. I love being in the kitchen but usually in the fall and winter months.

Karen said...

Garrison: Mom, what's for din-din?

Me: You have several choices ... all of them are cereal.

I hate cooking.