Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I should really give my granny a call

I'm pretty sure a preoccupation with the weather is a hobby for old people, but I can't help myself. We hardly ever have weather, I'm fascinated. My neighbors must think I'm nuts(er) because I'm outside everyday taking pictures of nothing.

Two Saturdays ago we went out to run some errands and the sky looked like this....can you imagine?
 CLOUDS!! They're so ominous....and fluffy.
Thirty minutes later it was POURING and I was standing in front of Costco taking pictures like I'd never seen rain before.
Then my husband pulled up and said, *"Get in the car dork! Our groceries are getting soaked!"
He's a real sweet talker.
Then THIS past Saturday I went outside and saw these lovely things.
Twenty minutes later I looked out and this was rapidly coming our way.
For those of you unfamiliar with such things, this is what we in these parts call a (an?) Haboob.
A Haboob is when a giant cloud of dust swallows your neighborhood.
It's kind of crazy.
It's also pretty quick, within probably 15 minutes we had this.
Then this.
A double rainbow. 

*My husband did not really call me a dork at Costco. He only does that at home.

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Karen said...

I guess I'm old, because our weather has been thrilling to me!