Thursday, June 14, 2012

Also, waiting until the last minute never helps.

So.....Sunday is Father's Day and I am out of ideas.

I sent a card to my dad~

(I crossed out son and wrote daughter, I'm very sentimental.)

I cannot come up with a single good idea for my husband. I can, however, come up with a zillion crazy ideas*.
1. Pancake plates that have a syrup reservoir.
2. Man Candles that smell like, um, gunpowder and dirt. Sweet.
3. An Emergency Clown Nose. Of course.
4. A Chocolate Inhaler. For those times that you want to taste chocolate without eating any. Basically, never.

Any of these gifts would fit nicely into the Beer Beard prank gift box. When you don't actually want to give someone a beer beard, but you want them to think you did.
Is Father's Day a big deal at your house? Do you go crazy or do you let your kids make macaroni jewelry and call it a day?

*I found all of these crazy ideas, along with a bunch of really good ones on the Wantist blog/website. It's awesome.

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