Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day...bah!

Holy cow. It's all or nothing around here. I was just going to write a nice (& short) little post about Mother's Day and how gracious my daughter in law is and it turned into a novel that goes no where. The short version, for those of you who are on a tight schedule or don't like to read drivel~I don't do Mother's Day. Then we took our kids to an AWFUL Mexican restaurant and my lovely daughter in law pretended the whole thing was just fine. I'm lucky.The End.

Long Boring Version~

I'm not going to go on a big rant or anything, but Mother's Day is not my favorite day. In fact a few years ago I started spending the day drunk ignoring it. Or trying to anyway. I forbid my husband from making a big deal and buying silly presents. There is no breakfast in bed. No flowers. And we DO NOT go to church on Mother's Day. I got tired of sitting there listening to the talks about wonderful mothers and comparing myself to all of the saintly women in the world. I mean, I'm no Betty Draper, but I'm also not going to be on the cover of Time magazine anytime soon either. Mom enough? Only time will tell.

Ignoring Mother's Day doesn't keep me from comparing myself to other moms, but I like to think it distracts my kids from wondering why there's a whole day devoted to the woman who only cooks once a week, refuses to wash socks that are inside out, and tells them to suck it up when they complain about, um, anything. Especially being hungry and not having any clean socks. (they're not starving, ya'll, my husband LOVES to cook)

Now, every year, instead of brunch and flowers, we go hiking and out for Mexican food. This year we have a daughter in law.  Poor thing. She was a great sport, but I couldn't help thinking several times during the day about my first few years as a daughter in law and all the ways I thought my husband's family was weird.(Note-different doesn't always equal weird, but it does equal some events that are not the funnest things ever.) So, we hiked. And it was hot. Not like heatstroke hot, but it's May. In Arizona. Hot enough. I seem to be the only person in my family who loves a good hike.(how did that happen? In my imaginary memories my family loves the outdoors and subtitled films. Next year I'm inviting my imaginary family over for Mother's Day) After the hike we always go to this Mexican place to eat. I don't love it, but my family does, so it's kind of a trade. I make them hike, then they get to eat at this icky hole in the wall that they love and I pretend to not be grossed out. Fair enough, right?

Well, this year, when we got to the restaurant it was PACKED (Mother's Day, duh! Except, we've been doing this for a few years and it's never been this packed.) and there was live and LOUD music.Ole! At first we were going to just wait for a table, but after a few minutes of enjoying the "entertainment" we decided to look for another place to eat. My husband is all about "authentic" Mexican food, and he swears by the little local family owned joints. Which is fine, because usually I get a cheese enchilada no matter where we go. In my mind cheese enchildas are one of those things that are hard to mess up. I know now that it can be done. The place we ended up was pretty bad. And the service. Ugh. I'm telling you what, if the waitress is good, that goes a long way with me and I can usually let the food slide, but this place. Man oh man. However, they did have some pretty sweet velvet paintings and a giant rosary, which was something I'd never seen before (the giant rosary....I've seen tons of velvet paintings), so I suppose that's something.

It was a good day, but I kept worrying about what my daughter in law was probably thinking. Bless her heart. First we drag her on a hot dusty hike to look at desert plants, then we take her out for an awful lunch. None of this is local by the way, we drove about 2 hours out of town for this good time. I might not care about whether or not I'm the best mom in town, but I really really want to be the best mother in law in town.  Memories of dinners out with my husband's family when I was a new daughter in law popped into my head over and over. Sadly, due to my genetic sarcasm disorder, I don't think I was as nice back then as my daughter in law was yesterday. Proving once and for all that what goes around does not always come around. Thank goodness!!

Anyway...Here's a self portrait of me and 2 of my sockless hungry children~

My punishment for not doing laundry is them refusing to take normal pictures. Such lovely boys.

I know I've been absent for the last couple weeks. Sorry. I keep getting calls and e-mails from my gazillion fans* wondering where are all of the awesome posts they love so dearly. My funk seems to be lifting finally, and I have a wide variety of new and exciting things in the works so it looks like I'm back in the saddle and all that jazz.

*(Ok, not really. One person mentioned it, casually, in passing)


Karen said...

Why didn't I think of this tradition? No mother (except maybe Shelle S.) really WANTS to go to church on Mother's Day. I should have stayed home. I have some other traditions that I'd like to start as well, but they would be offensive, so I muddle through every year and exhale each time it's over. Boo to Mother's Day. Hooray to nice daughter-in-laws.

P.S. You're a super mom!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Karen, please tell me more about these offensive traditions you long to start. I'm always on the lookout for offensive traditions.