Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 bucks to the person......

....who comes up with a title that sums up the content of this post.

Monday I was on my way to pick the kids up from school when I saw a guy on his motorcycle. I immediately noticed that he was not wearing a helmet (now that I have a motorcycle riding child I am hyper aware of reckless fools), he was however, wearing goggles. His head was shaved and my first thought was of the sweet tan line he was going to be sporting soon, as I got closer I noticed that there was something on the back of his shirt. You guys.....it was his license plate!! Safety pinned to his t-shirt! People are so clever.

Later, that same day, I was in the car again and I saw that the car in front of me was wearing a plate that said~ DUBL D. I wasn't able to get a good look at the driver, but my greatest hope is that the car belongs to a couple named Duane and Debbie, because if not........

Also, in unlicense plate related news, I'm doing really well in my high school classes. A few weeks ago our 17 year old came to me and very unenthusiastically said. "I have to write a paper but I can't think of a topic. Got any ideas?" Wouldn't you know, it just so happened that I DID have an idea, the day before my brother and I had been discussing the Electoral College. After a quick explanation my son was convinced of the injustice of the electoral process. AND he was.....wait for it......EXCITED to work on the paper (there might have also been fleeting talk of starting a grassroot movement to crush The Man and give the power to the people~but he talked me out of it) .

*I'm going to tell you a little secret, I LOVE to look things up. Facts. YAY! I'm a weirdo. Got some big boring books about bridge building laying around? Hand 'em over. I can't get enough. Learning is FUN guys!!  I'm pretty sure it stems from my grandfather's devotion to the World Book Encyclopedia. Not only did he sell them, but he was also a big fan. Whenever we asked him a question (sometimes even when we didn't) he wouldn't just tell us the answer, even though I'm sure most of the time he already knew. No, he would sit us down and whip out the encyclopedias, and we would read together. It was the old days boys and girls, when knowledge came from books.

I'm kind of the same way. I'm one of those people who tells you to look up the words you can't spell. Drives my kids NUTS. Every once in a while though, it comes in handy. My son and I sat down and I pulled out my version of the World Book, the internet, and we learned all about the Electoral College. Then we he wrote a paper. I think he felt our emotional bond grow, especially during the evening when we finished the bibliography. Anyway....he got it back yesterday and we....I mean HE, got an A. The best part was that he admitted he enjoyed learning "all that crap about the founding fathers".

One more thing, this is my favorite song this week. Makes me cry almost every time.


Karen said...

We could easily have a blog encompassing "things we see while driving around". Now if the double d had the license plate pinned to her back ... that would be quite the sight.

My Grandpa's thing was the dictionary. He wore it right out. Last night I corrected Jake's grammar on Facebook ... in front of the whole universe. I don't think we bonded over it. Nice work on your 'A' and the bonding!

the running couple said...

Seriously, why can't we live in the same town? State? Side of the country? That is my favorite Avett Brothers song off of that c.d. (I have to specify because I have loads of favorite Avett Brothers song, Wednesday's favorite is "weight of lies")...anyways we could, if we lived in the same town, dish about books and mother's day and hang out all the time or just leave each other alone if/when that's what we needed...