Monday, April 2, 2012


Tonight is the night.  Kentucky will beat play Kansas this evening in the championship game. Are you as excited as I am? The anticipation is killing me, I could hardly sleep last night. I have no idea how I will make it through the day.

Here's where things stand going into tonight's game~

1. loriannehuffaker 1
2. edgertonlunt 1
3. jrt8970 1
4. cody.huffaker 1
5. Wayne.Thomas1164 1
6. sth0mas09 1
7. JessicaLunt
8. SueLunt 1
9. Chocolatey chocolate 1
10. Sylvan 1
11. Carpenter 1
12. Eli 1
13. thenatan
14. toddthomas123 1

Moving on.

Draw Something, are  you playing? We cannot stop around here. The whole family is hooked. My user name is suelunt2 if you want to play and your artistic standards are low.

I've found the podcast section on itunes. It's like all of my wildest dreams are coming true. There are tons, it's overwhelming. It seems that EVERYONE has a podcast about something. I'm thinking of recording a couple of my own. It's no secret that I can talk for hours about nothing. I could be very popular on itunes don't you think? My new favorite, right after This American Life, is Stuff You Missed in History Class. I've already listened to 3 episodes this morning.

Finally, I feel like after all the whining I've done about my running shoe/toe dilemma I owe you an update.  It's actually a longish story but it's not thrilling enough to subject you to the whole thing (because you know, I wouldn't want to give you anything less than the usual thrill. If a story doesn't meet the "Why am I always out of towels?" test I try to spare you). Basically, I went to the running store, they fitted me and made some crazy custom insoles, I used my vacation fund and bought the whole shebang. I wore the shoes last week with and without the insoles and was not comfortable AT ALL. My toes were fine (guess what? I did need a bigger shoe. So much for shoe size vanity. {What's that all about anyway?}) but my feet hurt and one of my legs started to ache so I took them back and now I'm pretty much back where I started except that now I know that the shoes I have are too small. Ugh. It is such hard work being me.

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