Thursday, March 22, 2012

You guys should write advice columns. Really.

The comments on yesterday's post were super helpful. Especially the person who said "You could be less vain, but that's probably not a viable option." I'm choosing to believe that what you were saying is that I'm already almost without vanity, rather than, I'm so vain I probably think this whole blog is about me.

Since you had so much to offer yesterday I have a couple more questions, if you have a sec. 

1.  Let's say I agree that if I get fitted at the running store I should support them and buy my shoes there (which I do), about how much is a decent pair of shoes going to cost me?

2.  I read a shoe review where someone claimed that her new shoes took almost 2 minutes a mile off her time. Is that possible? Cause, I think I'd be willing to pay a little more for fast shoes.

Also, in response to yesterday's comments I would like to say, I do not know why it is so flippin hard to prove you are not a robot, and I'm pretty sure that person who paints the place on her toe where there used to be a toenail is not fooling anyone. 


Scott Thomas said...

So questions.

#1. I have a pair of Salmons that are my favorite. I mean I love them so much if I am just going for a work or out with the kids I won't wear them to save them. I know, but when I paid $135 for them I try to save them. I own several pairs of what I thought were decent running shoes that I paid $40-$65 for. The saying you get what you pay for is true. That said research, because my "Not so Smart Brother-in-law" has paid $150+ for shoes that he said were great and then a month later not wearing them because they had fallen apart. Research and talk to people.

#2 Cut time off with fast shoes? Hmmm.. Lets put it this way. Often times some shoes are lighter, which means you are carrying less weight. I know we are talking about grams or ounces, but these add up. Imagine cutting 10 pounds off your body weight and not having to carry that around with you? Same thing for your legs lifting that weight. Second is if the shoes fit right then you are more comfortable and not always feeling everything as in an uncomfortable pair and you will run faster. If shoes don't fit right then it can be an uncomfortable run and you will think about it and regret it.

Just my two cents.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Sylvan doesn't like it when you call him your not so smart brother in law.

lori.huffaker said...

Your brothers are way smarter than me. Also I only ran for about a month seriously,but my shoes were great. I bought my shoe's at the store that fitted me, they were about 130.00, but they have a great return policy. I wore them for a couple of weeks and didn't like them(I have weird arches/feet)I took them back and they gave me a full refund. Then I bought some others at another cheaper store using the running stores info and I liked them better, but even if I didn't i wouldn't have been able to take them back. So maybe you should go with the running store, at least you can keep exchanging them until you get what works for
Lastly, I am so glad that I'm not the only one who is having such a hard time proving I'm not a robot. I was feeling really incompetent there for a while.

the running couple said...

I think that if you go from running in flip-flops to running with great shoes then you may be able to cut 2 minutes per mile. That kind of improvement is definitely going to be the exception, not the rule.

What does Sylvan want us to call him?

The store wear I get fitted is great. Every time I go in to get shoes, they size me again and check out my leg mechanics, and then bring out about 10 pairs of shoes to try on and run around in. My favorite shoes change about twice a year.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but are only the girls mistaken for robots around here?

A good pair of shoes is going to be from $85 - $135. If you withhold lunch money from your kids for a couple of weeks that should pretty much cover it.

Scott does have a point about saving your shoes. Running shoes should last for 300 - 500 miles, depending on terrain and how you run. My robot wife has a pair of 'Race' shoes, that she only wears on race days.


the running couple said...

I once bought a pair of shoes from the running store and wore them about two weeks and then returned them without problem. I had run about 40 miles in them and they returned them without a problem. I love our running store, they just special ordered me a pair of awesome running shorts that I couldn't find anywhere else and I got to try them on before I bought them and then I even got my running club discount on them. Also, the hot guy who rings me up just finished twelfth in the marathon trials. No joke, I bought a dozen GU's and got his autograph last time I was in there.

Shoes will not make you faster. The weight thing does make a difference but we're talking ounces on shoes that will maybe make a few seconds difference. Even my "race" day shoes that are designed to be super light weight do not make me any faster. I find that other runners make me faster. I just find a group or person faster than me and start training with them.

Our running store usually has shoes for about $90-$130. However, being a member of the local running club gets us a 10% discount at the store that really adds up over the year so you may want to look into whether or not your local store has an incentive like that.

-Stepford Wife