Monday, March 5, 2012

You can tell a lot about a team by their mascot......except when you can't.

YOU GUYS! Yesterday the Kentucky game started at 10:00, the same time I was supposed to be at church. How could that happen? I know you remember what happened the last time I forgot to wear a shirt on game day, so I had no choice.

Ta da!  (please ignore that spot on the mirror where someone looks to have licked it. Gross)

Final score- KY~74 FLA~59
(Just kidding. That's not really what I wore to church........or is it?)
Have I mentioned that I don't trust people who don't like puppies?

Dogs I get. Not everyone likes dogs, they can be scary. The barking, the drooling, the shedding.

I get it.

But PUPPIES? Come on.

If you don't like puppies you need to talk to somebody. Like a shrink. Just sayin'.

Speaking of puppies, some of you might be planning to use the "Mascot Method" to fill out your brackets, here are a few crowd pleasers~

The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs...ew.
 Here's a real banana slug. OMG.

Did you just throw up? Me too.

The Wichita State Wheatshockers. Which is apparently, a shock of wheat. How clever.

Brutus Buckeye from Ohio State. That is one menacing lookin' nut. For sure.

Lest you think me terribly unkind, I know from personal experience what it's like to have a less than fierce mascot.~

That's right, I once attended a school represented by this......
The Western Kentucky Hilltopper. It's, you know, the top of a hill. A red furry hill with a big mouth. Natch.
  I know.

More mascots.

Mascot Bracket Rules per The Fat Pastor


Scott Thomas said...

I'm sadly disappointed that you didn't mention that that win yesterday of Kentucky over the Gators allowed Kentucky to have a perfect winning season in the SEC conference for regular season play.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Scott~ That's the sort of information I assume is common knowledge among my readers. Sheesh.

Ginger said...

People who pick stupid mascots should be shot. Just sayin'.

That wasn't very nice, was it?

PS - What's wrong with wearing that to church? You had a skirt on! That's all that matters, right? haha