Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She takes after her father

Our daughter is a firecracker.

Saturday she spent a pretty long stretch of time at a friend's house. Sunday her friend's mom came up to me and said "Ivy is really funny......and honest too." Then there was a weird little laugh. 

Sometimes I don't want to know what goes on when I'm not around. Most times.

 Bracket tippery.
First, you guys know I don't have any idea what I'm talking about, right? I know it's hard to tell because I sound like such an expert. For those of you who want REAL pointers I have a guest poster coming up later this week. I KNOW can you believe it? Me with a guest poster!! AND its somebody who knows something about basketball!! BONUS!!


Second, here are today's things to remember. Round 1 is kind of a "non-round". We'll talk more about it tomorrow.  In the 2nd & 3rd rounds the # 1 ranked teams are probably NOT going to lose. That's why they're ranked #1. Also, 8's and 9's play each other in round 2. This is basically a crap shoot. Flip a coin. Go with your favorite color. I dunno. Last year 8's & 9's killed me. I spent a ton of time reading about the teams trying be strategic. In the end it was about 50-50. I say, if one catches your eye, go with it.

If you have a minute, my brother would like you to read this.

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