Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready, set......

Can it possibly be Selection Sunday already? I can't even tell you how excited I am for the games to get started. I am aware (because my children CONTINUALLY remind me) that this makes me a big weirdo. To that I say.....Compared to WHUT?

Here is the link to the ESPN group.~ Sue's Group (If you have a suggestion for a catchier group name I'm all ears)

1. Click on the link.
2. If you played last year it should be pretty easy to just sign in and join (especially if you remember the login & password you used last year). It looks like you can also sign in using your facebook account.
3. Pick your teams. (I suggest finding a printable bracket and mulling it over for a few hours. Or not.)
4. When your team wins you get points. Whoever ends up with the most points wins. (Scott~ I KNOW this is not the way you score your brackets.....my blog....ESPN rules. Deal with it.)
5. Winner gets a shirt from ANY team they want. (Yes, Wesley, even the Harlem Globe Trotters.)

Here are links to the posts I wrote last year explaining how to join. Just in case.~ Here & Here 

You will not be able to start picking your teams until later this evening when all of the teams have been announced. You can make changes to your bracket until tip off of the March 15th games, then the group will lock.

Finally, if you have trouble joining the group let me know. I really want everyone to play who wants to, so if I can help you please tell me. Don't give up! This is my version of a party. We all get to have fun and no one has to make eye contact or awkward conversation (eat your heart out Martha Stewart).

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