Thursday, March 15, 2012

No wonder I'm so tired.

Ok ya’ll, last call to the bracket group. The group will lock at tip off of the first game today, which is I think 9:15 am Arizona time. I don’t do math so I can’t tell you what time that is where you live, especially if you’ve sprung forward recently,  all I know is we’re all running out of time (in so many ways) so go. Now. 

I barely slept last night wondering if I’ve overlooked some obvious upset in the making. Then I told myself that it wouldn’t be an upset if it were obvious. Somehow telling myself that did not make it any easier to sleep. Then I started thinking about those inflatable Easter Bunnies that we used to find in our baskets in we were kids. Did you guys get those? 

Then I started thinking about the Easter Baskets we had when we were kids. Have I ever told you guys that my mom is a master of the plastic canvas? Well, she IS. If you could make it out of plastic canvas we had one.  Kleenex box covers, Christmas ornaments, I think there was a gingerbread house, and Easter Baskets.

Rainbow Bunny Basket 
Ours were a little different but you get the idea. 

Then I started thinking about how I get started on a thing and I go crazy and make a million of them and how someday my kids are going to say stuff like, "Remember when mom embroidered all of those pillowcases and we would wake up in the morning with the outline of a cowboy on our cheeks? Man those were the days!"

Speaking of my kids, yesterday I was listening to my ipod, relaxing to the sounds of my new favorite band, The Avett Brothers (Thanks Alexis!), when all of the sudden Gittin' Jiggy Wit It came on, because someone thought it would be funny to add that to my ipod, which it TOTALLY would have been.

On April Fool's Day.

Yesterday, I'm sure you know, was NOT April Fool's Day. And Will Smith is NOT the Avett Brothers.

ps~The Tournament Challenge button on the sidebar should take you straight to our group, you know just in case you want to see how things are going.


lori.huffaker said...

So...please burn me a cd of that song, and any of the others that you like. I love them, and the lead/singer drummer is awfully cute.
And...regardless of what you do or don't do, your kids will laugh at you one day, it's inevitable, just laugh with them.

the running couple said...

I just did the math and I missed the Bracket window even though Todd reminded me yesterday...sorry :(

And I am currently listening to the Avett Brothers as I scroll down and see that you have finally found them too. My life if currently built around a mission statement I wrote using their lyrics...

"You can't make everybody happy all of the time..."