Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lemme tell you what.....

There are never any towels when I go to take a shower. No matter how many towels I buy (and it's A LOT, we have tons of towels) or how often I do laundry (and I do laundry OFTEN) when I go to take a shower there are only hand towels and wash cloths. What gives? The towels are not disappearing, I know because I am constantly washing them. Is someone playing a joke on me? Because it's not funny.

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Ginger said...

We had the same problem at our house several years ago and then one year my sister gave us all towels with our names embroidered on them. I told the kids that was the only towel they ever get from now on and I've stuck to it! :) I took all of the other towels and hid them in my closet for emergencies. I know it sounds harsh, but I think you can understand why... I hate getting out of the shower and only have a washcloth to dry off with. :)