Monday, March 19, 2012

Is it weird that I'm glad to see Monday?

Holy cow this weekend seemed long. Maybe because it was the tail end of Spring Break, so it kind of felt like a 9 day weekend. Too much of a good thing and all that jazz.

Saturday we went to Costco, and can I just say, "People of the world, pluhleeese, invest in a full length mirror."?

While we were at Costco I noticed that pre-cooked bacon was less expensive than uncooked bacon and I said to myself, "Bacon that doesn't involve the risk losing an eye from a hot pop of bacon grease..Cha Ching!!"  My husband was not excited, he thought there must be a catch and asked me a dozen times was I sure I wanted to get the pre-cooked bacon?  "Hmm, bacon that I briefly warm in the oven or bacon that I spend an hour frying and a week trying to get rid of the smell of stale bacon grease......."

I was pretty excited about it, (which would be weird if you didn't already know that I'm known for getting overly excited about dumb stuff, it's part of my charm) my husband was not all that enthusiastic, he seemed kind of worried. He kept saying how he wasn't sure. What if it didn't taste as good as regular bacon? What if this, what if that....There was so much hesitation, you would have thought I was trying to talk him into buying a time-share. Finally I was like "DUDE, it's just bacon, relax!"

After we had purchased the pre-cooked bacon and were on our way home he told me what was holding him back from feeling good about easy bacon. "I think we might be getting too lazy. What if our kids grow up and don't know how to cook bacon because they never learned at home?"

I agreed that being able to prepare bacon is an important life skill then I listed about 20 things that I've been trying to teach our kids since birth and I'd say if a person can't even change the toilet paper roll or turn their socks right side out, knowing how to cook bacon is the least of the ways we've failed our kids.

Anyway, right now I'm really busy trying to teach them the importance of college basketball. I can't do everything. Bacon is going to have to be his responsibility. Speaking of basketball. It was a crazy weekend in the tournament,eh? It's good we have a few days off between games, my nerves are a mess.

Bracket results heading into the Sweet 16~

1. edgertonlunt 1
2. Chocolatey chocolate 1
3. cody.huffaker 1
4. SueLunt 1
5. loriannehuffaker 1
6. Wayne.Thomas1164 1
7. JessicaLunt
8. jrt8970 1
9. Sylvan 1
10. sth0mas09 1
11. Carpenter 1
12. Eli 1
13. thenatan
14. toddthomas123 1

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Crack You Whip said...

My son has the whole bacon thing down, fortunately. Toilet paper rolls, picking up dirty laundry off of the floor...never!

I'll still keep him, though...probably.