Friday, February 17, 2012

There was this one time....

Not long after our oldest son was born, he was probably 6 months old or so, my husband and I had taken him for his well-check (Because when you only have one child you can BOTH go to the well-check, and you both WANT to, because finding out the circumfrence of your child's head is such a special thing, if you can swing it both parents really should be there.), we were in the waiting area with another mother and her kid, he was probably around 2 years old and he was playing with one of those super sanitary waiting room toys, at one point he went over to his mother and told her that the toy had said something to him. She looked at him, and in her best don't be silly voice said, "That is an inanimate object, it cannot talk." Then went back to reading her book.

I've always wondered how things turned out with that kid.

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Ginger said...

I am so laughing right now... because I can SEE this whole scene in my mind... I think I've lived this once or twice! What in the world made you think of this today?

(I love those memories that feel like forever ago and then when you remember them for some odd reason it's clear as day, like it happened yesterday!)