Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's like they can't do anything without me. Sheesh.

On game days I usually wear a Kentucky shirt. You know, for luck. But yesterday between the excitement of Fat Tuesday and being knocked out by a cold, I forgot they were playing.

(I don't even know how I'll show my face the next time Ashley Judd comes over for dinner. She gets a little worked up sometimes. Bless her heart.)


Then my brother called just before the half to ask me if I was watching, which I was NOT. I was busy rubbing Vick's Vaporub on my chest and trying not to die. Do you think he cared that I was at death's door? Heck NO!  He went ahead and told me that Kentucky was down by 13.

I immediately changed shirts, lit a candle, and promised to give up bourbon for Lent.

Final score-Kentucky 73 Mississippi 64

I'm just going to start wearing a Kentucky shirt everyday. Better safe than sorry.


the running couple said...

You not really giving up bourbon are you?

Ginger said...

You totally crack me up. I'm sorry you feel crappy... I hope you feel better soon!

Karen said...

The next time Ashley Judd comes over, you should ask her if her sister is as crazy as she seems ... 'cause the girl seems craaazy.