Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The fact that I haven't given up entirely counts for something, right?

Exercise is wearing me out.

Well, not the actual act of physical activity, it’s the thinking about it all the time that’s doing me in. I’m starting to believe I’m just not cut out for it. (Some people aren’t you know. Fitness is NOT for everyone.)

It seems like every week I’m re-committing to working out. I do fine for a week or so, then, through no fault of my own, life gets busy and going to the gym is the first thing to get cut. Next thing you know it’s been 5 or 7 days since I’ve run and I feel like I’m starting all over again.

Because I am.

Too bad you can’t build endurance from trying to make it to the treadmill.


Ginger said...

LOL... That's why I sold my elliptical! :) I got tired of feeling guilty for the inch of dust that was all over it! haha...

Don't feel bad... you aren't alone. Honestly... I HATE exercise! I just don't even care if I do it. I just try to sprint every now and then... like from my car into Circle K on my way to fill up my thirstbuster! HA! I'm completely serious! I'm applauding you for just having a gym membership! That's more than I can say!

Michelle said...

YES! If Dave didn't use our Y membership a few times a week, I'd feel guilty even having it.