Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can we talk about food?

Of course we can. But before we do, I feel like I need to apologize for getting that awful song stuck in anyone else's head. Sorry. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that I did finally got rid of it and I'm sure you will too. Eventually.

Now, food.....This weekend a couple of things came to my attention and I'm not gonna lie, I'm puzzled by some of the things people eat. Really, what are you guys thinking?
First, I was on the chip aisle at the grocery story (an aisle I admittedly had no business being on in the first place) when I turned and saw these....... 
You guys!!! Those are ketchup flavored potato chips. Ketchup! 
Then, as if, after finding a treasure like chips covered in ketchup dust you would need any other flavor, I noticed that Barrel O' Fun also offers a BabyBack Rib variety. YUM!!! 
So, I have to ask, have any of you tasted either one of these tempting treats?

Next, lets talk about fried food. Fried seafood even. 
As a child I was taught to have a great appreciation for deep fried, well, anything. When I was in high school  my friends and I would even drive through the local Long John Silvers on a Friday night and order a box of "cruchies". Which, for those of you who don't know, is pretty much the dregs. Little blobs of fried batter. Basically, chunks of fried nothing
After I moved to Arizona  people raved about the local fish and chips joint. 
When I say people, I mean everyone. This place is so beloved that the natives buy and wear their T-shirts, their "secret" sauce is coveted, and everybody who's anybody has a bumper sticker.  
Me and my fondness for fried everything couldn't wait to get to know this establishment of greasy goodness.
 My new brother in law offered to take me.  He happens to be such a fan that he wore his t-shirt and drove me there in his bumper sticker adorned vehicle. No pressure.
People, the fish, was (and I assume still is) SQUARE. I was a surprised but I thought, "you know what? This is the desert, I betcha they don't know that fish aren't really square. Don't be so judgy." And I determined that I would taste it before I made any kind of  final call.
I must admit, the sauce helped. I think I said something like "mmm, interesting." Then pretended to remember a long lost fish allergy and it's accompanying nasty rash. 

On Saturday my husband conned me into going to a different local fish stand. I went because I, foolishly, assumed that there could not be TWO establishments in the same town that served square fish.
I was wrong.
So, I ordered shrimp. Fried shrimp, who could mess that up?
Heh....these guys, that's who.
I have NO idea what was going on with the shrimp....
......they looked like fried mustaches.
Which I have to say is a pretty good gimmick.
They tasted less like shrimp and more like fried. 
But not in the good way like those crunchies from Long John Silvers.

So, I really want to know, do you eat square fish? Do you like it?


lori.huffaker said...

I am completely in agreement about the whole square fish thing. Both of those "P" named establishments are frauds. Any of us who have have real fried fish from any long lost southern type fish fry joint (or even Arthur Treachers) cannot abide square, slighty lipmish fried fish. Amen Sister!

Brittany said...

I had almost forgivven you for that song. But then you showed those potato chips that kinda made me gag. And by kinda I mean I can taste vomit in my mouth.
But you are so right about fried food and I agree that fish should not be square. Ever. I have never eaten a filet o'fish from Mcdonald's for this very reason.

Karen said...

Guilty. I'm guilty I tell you! That original 'P' joint has spent way too much time calling itself family dinner in our home. It doesn't help that Gary does their plumbing and they tend to pay us with gift certificates. On a day that I'm craving square fish ... I just gotta have it! Maybe you should try their fried burrito ... it's not square.

P.S. We may or may not have had a family picture wearing our 'P' shirts. We're so gross.