Monday, December 5, 2011

You'd think I'd have better things to do......

Sometimes I look at fashion blogs. Doesn't everyone?

The other day I thought to myself, "Hey self! You're stylish, you should have a fashion blog."

Then I had to pinch my self because it wouldn't stop laughing.

Later, when my self was taking a nap I decided I would post some pictures and let you decide. Plus, I'm bored and I have no pride what so ever, AND I KNOW you often say to your selves "I wonder what Sue's wearing today?"

Don't lie, I know you do.

Sometimes I leave the house, not often, but occasionally. On those days I get crazy and wear scarves. 
(that's not true, I've worn this scarf twice. In 3 years. I'm not really very good with accesories.)
Sometimes I go to the gym. Why are you laughing? I DO! On those days I like to wear my kids old jr high PE shirts. I think it says, "I'm serious about working out."  Don't you agree?
Sometimes I don't go anywhere and I wear something awesome like this. 
I can't think of anything clever to say here. Look! Clothes! 
This, or some version of it, is what I wear on Saturdays, or anytime there's a Kentucky game, or on Saturdays when there is a Kentucky game. 
It's lucky, it helps them win. 
This is what I wore to church. Yes, I am totally rocking the grandma shoes. Totally.
Please feel free to leave your fashion questions in the comments. 
I'll try to find someone who can answer them.


lori.huffaker said...

Your self is stylish and fashionable. I love that your working that "I'm a serious fashion model" scowl too. Your too sexy for your (Kentucky) shirt..too sexy!
I am currently in sweatpants, an old tee shirt and Darin's jacket. I will not be posting a picture of myself.

Ginger said...

You. are. awesome. That's all I'm going to say. :) I love your blog because you are so real. (Okay, I said a little more.)

Full House said...

Still love those shoes..with that skirt.

Still love you too.