Monday, December 12, 2011

It's like living an episode (or a season) of Law & Order

In the sense that a judge and lawyers are present.

Last Monday I had to report for jury duty. You know the drill. You get the summons in the mail, you go down to the courthouse at the appointed time, you end up not being needed, you're thanked for your time and you head home, civic duty done, off the hook for 6 months (if it's longer than 6 months before you get another summons where you live I suggest you thank your lucky stars.)

I've had to report for jury duty several times in the past and it has always gone just like that. I never get picked, and that, friends is okey dokey with me. This time, however, there were all of these prospective jurors, people with "circumstances that left them unable to serve" and just like that, next thing you know my number is up and I'm on the jury. Feel free to call me by my new nickname-Juror #6.

We're now in our second week of testimony. In the beginning it was interesting and I was kind of having fun, but at this point all I want for Christmas is my life back.

There's not a lot I can say about the thrilling situation I find myself in, a situation you no doubt envy, but here are a few things I CAN say.

1. Last week I wore make up FIVE days in a row. Five days you guys! That's a lot of days. I haven't gone through this much mascara since the 80's.

2.  It's not all that hard to get out of jury duty. In fact, it seems that things like the need for a cane, being a single parent, possibly having a drs appointment "sometime" in the next 10 days, or feeling a little dizzy from the cold medicine you took this morning are all sure fire ways to find yourself home before noon.

3.  I have not worn sweatpants in over a week. This is a world record for me.

4.  Not telling your husband about the trial is really hard. Especially when your husband fancies himself a Jim Rockford of sorts and dreams of the day(s) he will get selected to serve on a jury.

5. Jury duty is exhausting. Honestly, I am so tired at the end of every day. Apparently all of that paying attention takes a lot out of me.

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SymbioticLife said...

Ok, is it totally weird that I kind of WANT to serve jury duty? It is, isn't it? I think it's because I've never gotten to. I got served one notice but I wasn't selected. I found out after I was dismissed that the trial was for a pedophile case. I was shocked by my own reaction to that news. I had the hardest time not assuming the guy was totally guilty and I hadn't even heard the opening arguments. *face palm* What is wrong with me? Ironically, I just received notice from my mail service back in the states that I received a Jury duty notice for the place I used to live. I've moved out of the country though. Ah well. Good luck. I hope you get your life back soon!