Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some stuff I really love right now~

1. Amazon.com I have barely left my home and yet I am nearly done Christmas shopping thanks to Amazon. I love being able to sit in my bed and shop while watching Mad Men re-runs. 

2. Bounce Dryer Bar I didn't expect to like this thing, in fact I was kind of annoyed with myself when it came in the mail.  I'd gotten an e-mail that said something like~ "Wah wah would you like to try wah wah free wah wah......". I saw FREE and replied "sure, send me one."  Then after I had long forgotten about it, this Bounce Bar thingy shows up with a little note reminding me that I said I wanted to try it, I felt somewhat compelled at that point, so I did. I tried it. It is awesome! It would be weird how happy it's made me if I weren't such an easily excitable dork. 

There is this little sticky pad that you stick to the inside of your dryer and this little replaceble bar of Bounce stuff that goes on it. That's it. Stick it on and go. I'm not doing it justice with my description, but it's easy and there have been no negative side affects, the best part is no dryer sheets. Did you hear me? NO DRYER SHEETS! Our laundry room usually looks like a breeding ground for used dryer sheets. They're everywhere. The package says that the bar will last "up to 4 months", I'm sure that's for a family that doesn't do 5 loads of laundry a day. Our first bar lasted about 2 months, which is pretty good. The dryer is still producing lint, so if the Bounce people could work on that I'd appreciate it, but for now, I'll take not having to remember to add fabric softener. 

3. My New Shoes These are the best shoes I've bought this year and I don't care if they make me look like The Trunchbull when I wear them with skirts. So there. "Use the rod, beat the child, that's my motto."

4. Christmas Music Since I'm not leaving the house to shop, I have tons of free time to dance around in my good smelling clothes and my dorky old lady shoes. I'm driving my family nuts. Which is fine, because everyone knows that's what the holidays are all about.

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