Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's about time....

I thought November would never get here.

This morning as I was tossing our jack-o-lanterns in the garbage I realized that Halloween has lost some of its charm. I used to be a pretty big fan, but I think I’m over it. It feels like all of the holidays are over the top nowadays. Next thing you know there will be a Martha Stewart line for Arbor Day.

Last night I saw adults dressed as a sexy Minnie Mouse and a super scary demon trick or treating with their kids. What is wrong with people? Did you know you can get a sexy Big Bird costume? Big Bird! For crying out loud, is nothing sacred?

I woke up to a text that my newest nephew was born this morning. He waited until Halloween was over bless his heart.


Busy Bee Suz said...

My 15 year old and I were discussing costumes the other day too...we both agreed that Halloween seems to be a 'slutty' pass for girls. Ughhh. I am over it too. Congrats on the new baby in your family!!!

Nicoolmama said...

I am right there with you about this Halloween and all holidays. We are doing low-key this year!

Congratulations on a November nephew!! Good month to be born! :)

carrie said...

Say it isn't so! You taught us to love Halloween above all other Holidays although now that I think about it, I don't think I ever saw you in costume (slutty or otherwise). Please postpone your over-it-ness until after next year!

Ivey League Mama said...

What is it with the sexy costumes? I saw a toddler in a 'sexy' costume. That's just WRONG.

gianna said...

I am with you.
Sexy costumes?
It's just degrading!
And super scary costumes? Apparently they don't care about kids' innocence. Sure their kids might not be scared, but what does that say about their innocence? Kind of sad.

I feel the same way about Christmas. But then I realized that it's about creating memories for the kids and my joy will come back even if the fascination doesn't.