Thursday, October 6, 2011

And now for something other than sobby wedding talk....

So, I know you think I’ve just been sitting around wallowing about “the big event”, and you’re mostly right, but while I was wallowing I made time to read a book. Shocking, isn’t it? How to be an AmericanHousewife by Margaret Dilloway is less about being a housewife in America, or anywhere else, and more about relationships and how we complicate them.

Shoko is an aging Japanese woman who came to America as a young woman after marrying an America soldier. She has spent her adult life trying to be a good wife and mother in a country and culture completely different from the ones she was raised in. Meanwhile, back in Japan she left fractured family relationships that she desperately wants to repair before she dies.

The biggest thing I got from this story was a reminder that we never really have a clear picture of our relationships with others. Between not saying what we truly mean, and behaving in ways which we either think are expected by others, or in ways that we hope will bring a desired result instead of just doing and saying what is real, we make things so much harder than they need to be.

I didn’t find myself terribly drawn into this book, it was ok, but I never felt like there was enough depth to it. I was also bothered that the author made Shoko’s husband a Mormon but, based on the way she wrote about him, didn’t seem to have much knowledge of the faith.  Over all it was ok, the premise was interesting, but it just didn’t quite grab me.

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