Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deep thoughts by.......me

Sometimes my dreams annoy me. Last night I chased something, or someone, all night. I woke up even more exhausted than usual. Why can't I ever dream about taking a nap?

There are people who do big things and people who do little things. Are the people who do little things less important? Could the people who do all those big things get anything done without the doers of little things?

I’ve heard that little girls and kittens are a match made in Heaven. But I think that depends on who you ask, the little girls, or the kittens.

This morning there I was offered a Groupon for eyelash extensions. The e-mail said that eyelash extensions offer protection from "dust particles, pollution, and hours of uninterrupted direct eye contact".  I'm intrigued. Not enough to pay even the Groupon price of $69.00 to have my own eyelashes extended, but curious none the less.  

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