Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And now a bunch of nothing. Ta-Da!!

Lions and tigers and hurricanes, oh MY! I was verily captivated by all of the hurricane coverage last week. I'd like to say the reason for my concern was that I have family members who live in the storm's path, but the truth is, I'm jealous, we don't get a lot of weather out here. I mean sure, we have our Haboobs, but, and you're probably going to find this hard to believe, I'd trade all that blowing dust and zero visibility for a semi-exciting rain storm every now and again.

Why don't people use the word behemoth more often? It's a great word. I, for one, am going to start trying to work it into conversation at least once a week.  Please try not to be intimidated by my lofty goals.

Our Target is being remodeled and it's driving me nuts. I can't find anything. Even when I have a list I end up getting so disoriented that I leave without half of the things I need. It's awful.  AwFUL!

I read Rules of Civility and wrote a review. The review is here, but I have to tell you, the review doesn't really do it justice. I liked this book a lot, for reasons I wasn't entirely able to put my finger on (hence the sucky review..sorry Amor Towles). You should read it.

If you didn't watch all the recommended video clips that show up after you watch the super hero video from yesterday, you're missing out. Lori, there's one that shows some of their names, and they are AWESOME!
I think my favorite is the guy whose "name" is Super Hero, he has an SH on his chest and a really cool car.
There's a website too. The Real Life Super Hero Project Very interesting.


Jenny P. said...

We don't get any weather here, either. I'm in North Carolina, but far in the mountains, no where near the coast. Too far inland for hurricanes, too many mountains for tornadoes, too far south for bad snow storms.

But once, we had a really bad thunderstorm.

lori.huffaker said...

OMG!! I love love love AnonyMan with his yellow question mark on his face, and Master Legend should go in Jerry Springer, they would save so much money on all those paternity tests. GO RLSF's!!!
I will totally watch this show!!