Friday, June 10, 2011

I don't care what Anderson Cooper says, I think Steve Martin is a really nice guy.

For a couple of years now, I've taken Tylenol PM (or the Costco equivalent) every night before going to bed.

Yes, I know, even though I don’t sleep well and I really need my rest so I can be on top of things enough to stop the streaking before it happens, it’s probably not a good idea to take ibuprofen every night, which is why I’ve been trying to break my terrible drug habit by going cold turkey this week. Also I ran out and have been too lazy busy to run to Costco to get another year’s supply. I know I could just get some at Target but I can’t bring myself to do that when the Costco bottle is such a much better deal {I’m looking away from that grammar train wreck right there and you probably should too}.

The first couple of nights I slept horribly, now I'm sleeping fine, but I’ve started having these bizarre dreams.

Last night for example I dreamed that I was at some high school, the outside of the school looked just like a scene from Xanadu and the inside had a bunch of really cool architectural features. It was the end of the day and school was letting out so the halls were filled with students and I was trying to follow a couple of the teachers without getting caught.

Surprisingly neither of the teachers were Olivia Newton-John or Gene Kelly, they were Anderson Cooper and Steve Martin. Naturally.

It was a dream people, don’t ask me to explain. The only reason I’m even posting this is because my brother called to make fun of the other things I’ve posted this week and I thought he would enjoy reading about what goes on in my head when I’m not awake. That and I’m hoping for a little dream analysis in the comments.

So, I’m trying to keep up with them without getting caught and the amount of students in the hallway is dwindling, making it harder and harder not to be seen, so I was getting a little nervous. Both men were wearing black coats but they weren’t walking together, I could just see the tops of their white heads. Anderson was a few feet ahead of Steve, I kind of got the idea that he didn’t like him all that much. At one point Steve yells “Hey! Baby Cooper! You coming to the ghrayrlh?” (I couldn’t hear everything, it was a dream you guys! Give me a break.) I'm guessing this is why Anderson Cooper doesn't like Steve Martin, the name calling. He didn’t even turn around, he just kept walking at the same pace. Which I thought was kind of rude for a Vanderbilt. Then there was some kind of ruckus right near me and Steve turned around so I cut into a stairwell and started running down like 4 flights of stairs, what kind of high school has that many floors? There seemed to be some kind of renovation going on and all of the handrails had been taken off. I kept thinking, “You are going to fall. You fall all the time and now you're going to fall in front of Steve Martin.” (who, by the way, was not even chasing me as far as I could tell).

Then I woke up. Weird huh?

Here’s the thing, I was talking about Steve Martin yesterday, so I can understand why he was there, but Anderson Cooper and the Xanadu stuff….no IDEA where that came from.

Because I'm a helper, here's an awesome (and really long) clip from Xanadu. Now you can have weird dreams too.


Ann said...

So funny!

Slightly fixated on Steve Martin, are we? ;->

(I found you through the link offered by BlogHer. Fun!)

well read hostess said...

Who wouldn't dream about Anderson Cooper? I don't care what team he plays for, he's hot. Made even hotter last night when he laughed at a guest on air who said something inane. Loved that. Plus, you know. Vanderbilt. He's the whole package. If only I were a single guy.