Thursday, May 12, 2011

Keep moving, nothing to see here.

You know how there are things you HAVE to do because you're the mom and someone has do them, if not you who? Things that aren't going to do themselves. Things you don't feel like doing, things you feel compelled to put on mascara for because you don't want your children to be humiliated by your unpainted face, things you think are stupid or annoying? (I suppose, if we were to get technical, stupid things always annoy me.) I have about 10 or 57 of those kinds of things to do today and, sit down, you're going to be shocked, I don't fell like doing ANY of them. I'm starting to think those stinking kids of mine are taking advantage of my good nature. What? At times I can be good natured. Ask (almost) anyone.

If I had a backbone I'd take to my bed with a dozen doughnuts but I'm weak so I'm gonna go get my make up on and face day. Wish me luck.

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