Friday, May 20, 2011

Before I run out of time.....

....there are a few things I'd like to leave with you as we head into Rapture Weekend.
1. I read this book and wrote a review about it as part of BlogHer's new book review section. I liked it. Mostly. You can read my review right here

2. I found this picture from my prom and thought before the world ends I should it to you. You owe me one.

3. Speaking of hair I had someone cut about 4 inches off mine today. When my husband came home he told me he liked it the other way better. What?! Don't you want him to be honest? 
Me either.  Good thing he only has to look at it for about 12 more hours.

4.  If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow Rapture Tech Desk for all of your up to the minute Rapture type need to know updates. Who says Twitter is a waste of time? 


lori.huffaker said...

Look how great your hair used to hold curl. What happened?
Also, when I get raptured. you can have that dress of mine that Chelsea was wearing that you thought was cute, the pink flower shoes too, they will just be laying on the ground.

Karen said...

Congratulations on sticking around with the rest of us! Loving your hair ... and your sexy shoulders.

Come show me your new cut!