Saturday, April 2, 2011

Live Blogging KY vs. UCONN pt 2

Second half
Knight hitting a 3 is a good way to start. Two in a row is even better.

Unrelated but still very important, if you make your Rice Krispie Treats with extra marshmallow, then you put yours on a piece of paper towel, it's probably going to stick.

Four 3s in the first 5 minutes. And, may I say....Josh Harrellson=AWESOME!!

This is killing me. Back and forth with the lead. I should have taken a Xanax.

It's just a game. It's just a game. It's just a game.

Down by 4 seems like 20 with less than 3 minutes left.

Jones at the line. Misses. Crap.

Down by 3 under a minute left. Breathing into a paper bag.

Cause I'm CRAZY!!!

Kentucky ball, we now begin the longest minute of the evening. Liggins at the line. One in.

Kentucky ball, 16 seconds left. Time out. Arrgghhh!!

Really, I don't understand the timeout with 2 seconds left. Must we prolong the inevitable?

It was fun while it lasted. Great season Kentucky!!

Go Butler!!

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