Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have no title. So there.

It must say all kinds of things about my mental state that I think that snail is so stinking funny, huh? I can’t help it. When he/she/it says “We won’t fight unless provoked.” I die. Every Time!

Sometimes people say I’m goofy, then I say, compared to WHAT?

Enough about that, can we talk about how there are millions of books and magazines and blogs for people with small kids and babies but there are none (that I know of) for people whose kids are growing up waaayyy too quickly and holy crap graduating from high school and dating girls that they might be serious about (“I dunno.We’re not not serious.”) And SCREEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we just slow down for a sec? Or 3 years or whatever.

It seems like just yesterday my biggest worry was that one of my kids would get something stuck up their nose (actually that might have happened yesterday, 16 year olds can be so trying), and suddenly we almost have 2 out of high school, 3 almost driving, and 1 telling me not to worry, he’s not even going to consider marrying anyone until they’ve been dating for at least 4 months. BACK UP BUDDY!! Try 4 YEARS!!!!!!!!! (Sorry about all the exclamation marks, I’m feeling slightly freaked out by this stage of my life.)

It’s too soon. There are too many things I haven’t told them about life and too many that I’ve told them but they haven’t paid attention to, because, duh, I’m old and know NOTHING about life.

How does one gracefully accept that her little chicks might hop out of the nest soon? Especially if she’s scared to death they might just break their little necks if they do because, believe me when I say, these guys are NOT ready to fly.(I know because I TOTALLY was when I stepped out into the big world.)


Karen said...

It does happen fast. Crazy fast. But I'm convinced that my offspring are smarter than I was (because it would be impossible not to be) ... and we just have to let them try. Otherwise we'll be sorry because they'll never leave ... and eventually that would be a really, really bad thing. Crazy bad.

Ginger said...

I "quietly" blog stalk you for that very reason! I have 3 kids - 17, 15, 12. I agree - there aren't enough blogs out there with people in our stage! I completely relate to everything you posted here. My daughter will be a Senior next year and it really freaks me out. :(

tarable said...

oh yeah, us moms of little kids just laugh at you and say, "ha ha, she's old!" because we know that will never happen to us.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Karen-Ugh. I knowww. I'm trying to let them be, but ugh. It's killing me.

Ginger-We should go to lunch and chat.

Tara-Ha! Just you wait. In about what feels like a week you be crying right along with me.

lori.huffaker said...

They will be fine. really fine. They have great parents who taught them so much more than they were taught. Doesn't mean they won't struggle at times, but you have taught them well and you are an awesome example of how to laugh evn when things are CRAZY!! Welcome to the age when your grown children will mock you for being a crazy mother!!