Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, it has been an exciting weekend. Yes?

In a turn of events even I, with my crystal ball and vast knowledge of college basketball, could not have predicted, our group has been left with a few broken brackets. I know some of you are very sad. Hopefully you will recover quickly and find a new focus for your competitive energies.

Amazingly, the mascot bracket remains at the top, followed by the man who has likely not watched even one game all season long, to include the tournament. It's crazypants I tell ya.

Here's how it shook out-
1. iliketurtles57
2. toddthomas123 2
3. sth0mas09 1
4. Aubien11 1
5. SueLunt1
6. edgertonlunt 1
7. natertater57
8. JT-UKND 1
9. Carpenter1
10. BigDaddyL57
11.  lori huffaker 1
12. doublebubbleface22 1
13. dark_temptation1
14. TheEnchantedUnicorns

Final Four- VCU vs. Butler, KY vs. UConn. Games begin Saturday, 6:09 EST.


AuBien said...

I am happy to stay out of the basement on the whole thing! (That is where my picks usually land me!!)

Scott Thomas said...

All that matters is I'm beating Sue.

Anonymous said...

What is a broken bracket?


wesley's mom (sue) said...

AuBien-Me too.

Scott-Blah blah blah....Whatever.

Todd-It's like a broken heart, but more painful.