Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trapezius Milkington

March Madness is upon us.

It’s true.

In fact, my family thought it had arrived early, when during the game last night, Kentucky saved the bulk of their timeouts for the last 8 seconds, essentially making time stand still for 20 minutes. It was like the Inception version of basketball. Every time the clock stopped those stupid commentators pulled out their big clipboard/whiteboard thingy and started trying to predict what would happen next. UGH!Seriously!?

For reasons totally unknown to the rational side of my brain (ok, the rational quarter of my brain) I get completely worked up over each and every game, on the edge of my seat talking to the teevee worked up, like I’m some kind of fan who knows something about sports. Which is so untrue it’s embarrassing. It’s only been a week since I found out what it means to score points “in the paint”.

Anyway, Kentucky has only one regular season game left which means……it’s almost Bracket Time.

I’m sure everyone remembers last year when I came within 1000 miles of winning James’ Bacon Chapstick Challenge?

So, basically, this is a post about nothing, except that I like college basketball, announcers are annoying, and if James offers up bacon lip gloss again I’ve been paying closer attention to all the teams this year, and I think I’ve got a pretty good chance of taking it home. (takin home the bacon~ I crack myself up)

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