Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's possible this is the least seamless post I've ever written

And that's saying a lot.

Did you know that despite the assumption that gas prices are increasing due to the party in Libya, only 2% percent of the world’s oil supply is Libyan? And did you also know that the Saudis, who provide 25% of the world’s oil, said they were prepared to immediately make up for any shortfall coming (or not coming) out of Libya? Did you also know that it is becoming more common for pension fund investors and other speculators to invest in oil? Because I didn’t know any of those things until this weekend. It may shock you to learn that I’m not a financial wizard (you’re shocked, aren’t you? I knew you would be), but whenever banks are investing in something and the prices keep climbing  and climbing (can you say Real Estate?) I become suspicious, in an irritated way.

La-di-da, now on to important world happenings~

It’s possible I’m spending too much time thinking about basketball. I sat down this afternoon to write a quick post about current events but the only events I seem to know anything about are NCAA related.

For example, when I read about Brandon Davies and BYU, my first thought was~ “How is this going to affect my brackets?”

And when I realized that the KY game will be half over by the time I get home from church tomorrow my palms got a little sweaty. Do you think anyone would miss me if I cut out early?

Then I found this blog and spent an hour reading posts and only understanding about half of what I read. I’m wondering if I wasn’t better off last year when I was just rooting for my team and not trying to apply any kind of strategy. But that’s the thing about knowledge, isn’t it? Once you’ve opened the encyclopedia as it were, you can’t unlearn things like, if Duke wins today there may be no stopping them.

Ah Duke,  curse you! Always a thorn in my side.

And, I like basketball as much as the next guy, but this offends me. Perhaps I'm too sensitive. It's been suggested on more than one occasion.....by people who don't know me at all.

Lastly, I leave you with this~ Joel Stein makes me laugh. His Time Magazine column last week was especially funny. If you ask me.  Which so few people do. Why is that?  Read the whole thing here.

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