Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I try to be a good sport about these things, but I have my limits.

Saturday afternoon I quit procrastinating and got down to business making the capote my 15 year old needs for his upcoming Mountain Man Rendezvous.

The way I understand it, the Mountain Man Rendezvous is a gathering of grown men and boys who spend a few days pretending to be, well, mountain men. They dress like them, eat like them, and smell like them. Being a girl, I’ve never been invited to a rendezvous, but the bits and pieces I’ve gathered make it sound similar to an episode of Grizzly Adams, heavy on the grizzly. Fun city!!

The most important part of the “traditional” get up worn by those in attendance is the capote, a “coat” made from a wool blanket. The original Snuggie. Since there are no girls allowed at the rendezvous, the scout leaders try to make us feel included by asking the moms to sew a blanket jacket for our boys. (I can't speak for the other mothers, but I personally could do without gestures of this sort.)

This is NOT the blanket coat I made
I’ve put it off for months, mostly because I think it’s dumb, but this weekend I bucked up and faced the reality that it wasn’t going to sew its self. I decided to throw caution and authenticity out the window and make mine out of fleece instead of wool. My husband was quick to tell me that was a really bad idea because now our son wasn’t going to look like everyone else.

Exactly, he's going to look less like someone spending a long weekend wearing an itchy wool blanket and more like someone with a soft cozy blankcoat. He's going to look LUCKY!

The pattern that I ordered from “Timeless Trends” was as easy to understand as why anyone would want to go in the woods wearing animal skins and eating hardtack for 3 days. It took me twice as long to make as I planned. It was all worth it when I showed it to my son who barely glanced at it then said “Yeah, whatever, I don’t really care what my capote looks like. Are we out of chocolate syrup?”

Another successful parenting moment.

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Karen said...

I'm so glad our ward does not require the mothers to make that itchy thing. Apparently we store the aged wardrobe and pass it down to the next generation of mountain men each year. Now that's lucky! Jake has spent much more time crafting weapons of mass destruction for this manly trip ... and he's so excited to legally carry them around ... wearing the man coat. So weird!