Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really have nothing to say

Except, did you hear? Elizabeth Taylor died. The saddest part, besides all of her tabloid stalkers being left in the lurch, is that my first thought was “Now she and Michael Jackson can be together again.

I know, I’m pathetic.

Moving on.

Yesterday I found a super cute black dress at Target for $7.49. The best part…..they had my size. (which, as you know, is always a plus, there's nothing worse than a smokin' hot bargain that doesn't fit)

Similar to this, but a little more sleeve and a lot less $.

Can we talk about my hair? I’ve been wearing it the same way, long and straight, forever.

I’m feeling like it’s time for a change. Nothing drastic mind you, and nothing gray. I don’t think I really want anything shorter than shoulder length, or that requires much maintaining, or unponytailable (it's a word, look it up).

You know what? I think I just talked myself into sticking with what I’ve got. Thanks. This was very helpful.


Karen said...

Go SHORT for the summer! I think you would look so dang cute with a super short pixie! I dare you!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Short for the summer would be fine, but what happens when summer is over?

Karen said...

Winter comes ... and it always grows back. Double dog dare you.

Charlotte said...

You know what? THAT was my first thought about Elizabeth Taylor, as well.


And that dress is so pretty.

Jeanna said...
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