Friday, March 25, 2011

A Funny Story

Remember this post about my husband’s vast collection of hot sauces?

Turns out, too much is never enough and there was something missing from his set. Chili Lime Cholula. Hard to believe I know. He decided he had to have some so it was added to the shopping list. All over town he looked but could not find this much desired hot sauce.

You’re probably asking yourselves, “If he can’t find it in any store how does he know it even exists?” HA! I asked myself that very same question, then I asked my husband that very same question. He replied~

It’s on their website. Duh.” (He didn’t really say duh, I added that for dramatic effect.)

The truly dedicated never rest. While some of us are browsing decorating sites, or humor blogs, or reading about our favorite basketball team, my husband is searching out the websites of his favorite foods.

Clausen Pickles, check. Stubb's BBQ Sauce, check. Midwestern Meats, check.

Which brings us to yesterday when the UPS man rang my bell and handed me a box which I just KNEW contained a replacement power cord for my laptop so I promptly RIPPED it open (it’s been over a week with no laptop, I’m getting testy) and was crushed to find this~

What’s this you ask? Well, when he couldn’t find his sauce he did what any of us would have done, he ate something else.

Hahahaha! You don’t know my husband at ALL! Of course he did not eat something else. He e-mailed the Cholula people using the handy dandy “Contact Us” link on their web page. Thus began his personal relationship with a source my husband will not let me name. (Why not, you ask? Me too. He won’t say. But getting permission to tell the story was quite a coup, so I decided to let him have his “mystery” contact. It’s the least I can do.)

That’s right, Un-named Chalua Guy felt so rotten that my husband could not get his hands on the sauce of his dreams that, at some point in their correspondence, he asked if he could send my husband a shirt. To which Sylvan answered, “Duh! A free shirt, WINNING!!” (Not really, I added that for dramatic effect) He said “Yes please.” Ta-da, a bond was formed that could only be appreciated by those who love hot sauce and free stuff.

I hope I’m not going to be expected to add Un-named Chalua Guy to the Christmas Card list.


Morgan -Ing said...

Well, at least your husband's boyfriend sends you free stuff, right? It could be worse. Just kidding!

Gina said...

Haha! My sister was totally obsessed with Cholula, too! I'm surprised you can't find the lime stuff in AZ... we were able to find it... maybe try the west valley?!?