Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you somewhere feeling lonely?

first found here

I've seen this a few times this week. I laugh just as hard every single time.
The little tear off strips say things like "Cause I wonder where you are", "And I wonder what you do".

My son just came in and said "I don't get it, what's so funny?"
What do they teach these kids in school nowadays anyway?

For Karen~


Karen said...

OMG that's hilarious. Please take a trip down memory lane and post the music video that portrays stalker love for the blind girl. I haven't seen these ... but I think we should totally call on one just to see what the heck! Maybe tonight!

Karen said...

Wait ... there's no phone #??? What do the tabs say???

James said...

That is funny. Real funny.

Naomi said...

I loved this so much I had to share it on my facebook page this week - totally hilarious! I agree too! what are they teaching kids at school - they seem to have lost their sense of humour :)

AuBien said...

Stinking Hilarious! Wish I had thought of that!!