Monday, February 7, 2011

A few questions from the weekend

Is it wrong that when I saw this headline my first thought was "That's Karma for ya."?

What makes this fancy? Is it the raisins or the medley? Because I think they're just trying to pull a fast one. 
We're talking about raisins here, it's going to take more than putting "Fancy" on the label to convince me there's anything more than old grapes in that container.

Does anyone else think SuperBowl halftime shows are getting worse every year? What's the criteria there? And who's in charge of that?


Karen said...

Maybe the same people who put that divine medley of raisins together!

And that is Karma at it's very best.

Heidi said...

I heard that they have been having older entertainers in the recent past to avoid the Janet Jackson imbroglio--and that this year they decided to go younger, again. I felt that Lea Michelle (or whatever her name is) was nervous and her voice cold--poor thing.