Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Titles are overrated

I've been a little busy. Doing what is hard to pin down, but believe me, there has been "stuff" keeping me busy. So so busy.

For example, my job. The company that employs me has decided to make its employees work hard for their money. Not physically mind you, but mentally. Ugh. Mental exhaustion is the very worst kind if you ask me (of course no one ever asks me anything except are there any clean pants? or have I seen their car keys?, occasionally I get an "Are you going to buy milk today?").

Between my family, my calling, my job, and my quest to become practically perfect in every way I hardly have a second to document all the fascinating details that make up my day to day existence, trust me, no one is sorrier about that than me. Some day, 6 1/4 months from now, I'm going look back and wonder what I've done with my life.

I'm sure I'll get over it.


Karen said...

Just signed off ... feeling mentally exhausted ... at least we're all in this fancy club together!

lori.huffaker said...

I was just sayin, I'm so exhausted, I need to sleep for a week then have another week w/out work to catch up on all the other STUFF that I am behind on, then a couple of weeks of just work to catch up on that, which would exhaust me and I'd need to start all over again. ICK!!