Thursday, January 27, 2011

For the Love of Vaingloriousness

I should have a raffle. How much do you think people would pay to have dinner with a crazy person?

You wanna to know my first thought last night when my husband told me that his sister and her husband would be in town this weekend and they want to go out to dinner with us?

I have to dye my hair.

My second thought, “I bet I could lose 3 pounds between now and then.” (Don’t ask why 3 pounds, if you’re expecting logic you’re in the wrong place.)

These thoughts were closely followed by visions of rapid fire house cleaning and makeovers for my children.

I am insane. That should have been my first thought, “Why would those lovely people want to spend their one night in town having dinner with a loon?” Maybe my sister-in-law has a blog where she exposes the sacrifices she makes in the name of love, like enduring a night with a fruitcake, to spend time with her brother. Bless her heart.

The in-laws in question are people that I LIKE, and who, by all indications, like me back. (If you have information to the contrary keep it to yourself please). They are fun and funny and we haven’t seen them for a while, it will be great to go out to dinner with them. Really, I mean it.

For the love of Raymond, why does the slightest mention of any member of my husband’s family turn me into a mad woman? Does it happen to you? Is there an in-law or a neighbor or a mother of your future daughter-in-law who makes you forget everything good and positive you’ve ever known about yourself? What is wrong with us?

Also, how should I wear my hair, straight or curly?

And do you have a favorite word? I used to think favorite words were silly, but now that I have Vainglorious I’m totally on board the favorite word train. I also like to say Modigliani. Try it. It’s fun.

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