Thursday, January 6, 2011

And tomorrow I shall tell you how to build a clock

I'm sure you probably figured that a woman who can make a mitten must be able to figure out ANYTHING. Mostly that's true, I can be pretty amazing, but when it comes to things like getting new phones or DVD players, pretty much anything with buttons I get a little bit of a rash. The unfortunate truth is I'm technologically impaired. I'll stick with some old half working thing with a cracked screen for years just so I don't have to learn how to work something new. It's kind of pathetic.

My husband on the other hand always wants the newest fastest shiniest most waterproofiest thing he can get his hands on. He's always complaining that something is wrong with our computer because it doesn't zip along like all those fancy computers do in the movies. After the whole bubble wand/Kindle thing I wanted to do something nice for him, so I got the idea that I could make the computer faster then when he's looking at recipes on The Pioneer Woman he won't have to wait so long for, you know, whatever it is that is making him wait and complain. Small problem with my plan...... I don't have the first idea how to make our internet go faster. I keep hearing that Internet Explorer is a horrible browser. I know what you're thinking, horrible is such a harsh word, well it's not the kind of language I normally use, I'm just repeating what I hear from my nerdy friends (ok, I made that up, I don't really have any nerdy friends, if I did I wouldn't be here begging for your help). Word on the street is that it's not fast or efficient, and if there are two things I strive to be, they're witty and well dressed fast and efficient. I've downloaded both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to my computer, both seem to be faster than Explorer, but I don't like change, so right now I'm trying to use each of them a little bit to see if one or the other grows on me, neither has yet. What I would love is something that looks and acts like what I have now, just faster (and you know, more efficient).

I said all that to get to this, if you guys have any browser preferences or suggestions I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

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Cheryle said...

Google Chrome. Faster loading and has all the bells and whistle that IE has but without the Microsoft problems. (PS: I actually like Microsoft. But I do love Chrome!)