Friday, December 31, 2010

Obligatory Year in Review Post

Unless I'm mistaken there is some kind of narcissistic internet law that says something like "Hear ye! Hear ye! All who blog, the last week of December shall be set aside now and forevermore as a time of yearly review. Now go forth and annoy the masses." That being the case, and also me not having the energy to put enough thoughts together to write a real post, I give you........

2010~Another Year of Self Reflection
(Though all indications indicate the reflecting device was sortof like one of those circus mirrors.)

In January I decided I had too much free time (and too little mental stability) so I started coaching my daughter's soccer team. Boy that was fun.

In February I learned that some people don't find sharp wittedness to be a virtue, in fact, some of those people are even allowed, gasp!, to teach Sunday School.

In March I was just so dang funny that you should re-read the whole month (don't act like you have something better to do), I was able to set soccer aside for a few weeks and become completely obsessed with March Madness and James's Seize the Bacon Challenge (which I, so sadly, did NOT win).

In April my brain almost exploded. It probably had nothing to do with losing the Bacon Challenge, but we'll never know for sure.

In May I was STILL talking about soccer. Holy Cow, I do go on.

In June and July I was mostly just hot and cranky. Who wants to read that again? NOT ME! But in August....I used my super human craziness to enter and compete in an adventure race. It was really amazing, mostly because I did not die.

Nothing much happened in September, besides my son bringing these home. The fish lived just about as long as I thought it would, but hey, at least we still have the cup and, with it, the ability to rock on everytime we drink a glass of water.

In October my homegirls and I used massive amounts of hairspray to transform ourselves into Charlie's Angels for Halloween.  It was awesome and dangerous. Also, I learned that there is A LOT of hot sauce in my refrigerator.

In November my husband taught me a lesson about gift giving. He thinks he's so smart.

Whew! That was enlightening and exhausting.  If I believed everything I wrote I might start to think I was a little impulsive, obsessive, and and maybe even a tiny bit insane.  Thankfully, at least my expectations are realistic.

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Dixie Mom said...

A great way to reflect on the past year!
Found you on MMB