Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's as if the entire world has gone mad~

The Arizona Legislature has passed a measure requiring all school districts in the state to review the current recess practice and consider adopting structured recess time.

Are they kidding? STRUCTURED RECESS? If it’s structured how is it recess? Doesn't the word recess mean break? I know, lets look it up…..

re•cess rɪˈsɛs,ˈri sɛs–noun
1. Temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.

So, there you have it. Cessation from work or activity. I’m betting you ask a bunch of kids if they consider structured recess a withdrawal from work you’re gonna hear a whole lotta NO’s.

If you're wondering, my children are not being saddled with excessive amounts of free time during their day at school.  They get two 15 minute recesses and some free time during lunch.

Sidenote~I am soo in the wrong line of work, the school board estimates that it will cost $600,000 the first year to implement a structured recess program, and after that an addtional $400,000 each year to maintain it. The website does not mention where they are keeping the magic hat they plan to pull these funds from.  

Also, school board, you are so very sly, having your little "chat session" the week before Christmas Break when we parents have concerts and who knows what all else to attend. This evening I will enjoying the melodic strains of the elementary band's holiday performance, but make no mistake, I WILL be sharing my comments on your website. I might even send you a letter. On paper. In the mail. Christmas letters might not be my thing, but you try and wreck recess and I have plenty to say.

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Ginger said...

I can't believe this! I live in AZ too... where is the state supposed to find more money???? In OUR sock drawers? Give me a break! This is ridiculous and makes me angry. They already saddle us with that 1% sales tax that isn't even going to the schools like they promised (which I was against and did NOT vote for!) and now they want to take the only down time our kids get at school AND make us pay for it! Thanks for posting this. I haven't heard this yet. This makes me angry.

Karen said...

How about if Sylvan goes to the big band concert and I go film you at the big town hall meeting! I have a feeling we could sell the rights to that footage one day!