Monday, December 13, 2010

I thought you’d want to know~

I finished our Christmas cards yesterday. I even sucked it up and wrote a letter. My heart wasn’t in it but it’s done and that’s what counts. So there!

I doubt if my granny will be able to tell that it was written under duress. My husband and children all have strong opinions as to what should and should not be included in the letter. (Shouldmade up stories of super hero type adventures and how it is unfair how many times a certain someone has had to clean the bathroom this year {apparently this person is hoping the extended family will weigh in and his/her chore load will be lighter in the future. As if.} Shouldn’tany and all mention of girlfriends or liking girls in general. And there is to be absolutely no talk of growth spurts.) Of course none of them wants to write the letter. They just want to tell the little red hen how to do it.

I showed them. I wrote a really boring letter. No humor, no drama, just the facts. How’s that for Christmas spirit? Bah!!

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Alexis said...

People will be lucky to get even a Christmas Card out of us, every time I think about it all my mind goes to is .42 multiplied by x amount of people and go into a frenzy. Not to mention there have been no photo attempts or even measures taken towards such asinine things. A christmas letter, yeah, not in the cards (quite literally) this year.

So applaud yourself, and next year write two letters. The one that gets approval and the one that gets sent out.