Thursday, November 11, 2010

I know you know

1.  As much as I love real books, I'm running out of shelf space.  I'm considering a Kindle. Anyone have any suggestions? Warnings? Will the basic be enough or do I want to go big and get the one with 3G? (Do you love how I make it sound like I know anything at all about features like "3G"?)

2.  Why is Cher everywhere I turn? New album? Vegas show? Tell all book?

3.  Leno or Letterman?

4.  If you could only have one dessert on Thanksgiving what would it be?

5.  What's up with toilet paper commercials talking about getting clean? Everyone knows that's what toilet paper is for, do we really need cartoon bears to remind us? Lets just get back to focusing on soft and strong, k?


Lara said...

1. Since I could have written just what you wrote, I have requested a Kindle for Christmas. In my research, I have learned that while the 3G can be handy if you are in a pinch, it's mostly not needed. It's slow and you can really only do basic things on the kindle since it wasn't really made for surfing the internet. It's for reading books. So I think I'm going to save the 50 bucks and get the one without.

2. I must not be in the loop because I haven't seen Cher anywhere lately! :)

3. Leno, for sure. Although I rarely watch either. I do love Jaywalking, though.

4. Pumpkin Pie.

5. No answer for you, except, I've always thought TP commercials were a little weird since the don't squeeze the Charmin days!

(visiting from MMB)

Anne said...

1. Personally, although I haven't used a Kindle before, I don't think I'd want to. I've tried reading books online before, and I hate it. I like felling the book in my hand and turning the pages : )

2. I haven't seen or heard anything about Cher recently, so don't know about that one.

3. Neither.

4. That's a tough one. I think it's a tie between pumpkin and pecan pie.

5. I know, right?

Heather said...

1. Also been thinking about it, but low on the financial priority list.
2. Also out of the loop about Cher
3. Don't watch TV much, but Leno can be pretty funny
4. My mother-in-law has the recipe for the Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake. It is a staple at all holiday meals.
5. Again, don't watch TV, and when I do it's at my in-laws and they have tivo so I can't even remember the last time I've watched a commercial that wasn't a preview on a Disney movie.
(visiting from MMB)

lori.huffaker said...

OK, really? I have forever and ever said I would never give up the lovely feel and smell of a real book, UNTIL YESTERDAY!!! I said the same thing to Darin, I am out of space, nmaybe I should consider a Kindle.....wierd how in synch we are.
Cher also has a new movie with Christina Agulaira(sp)

I am SOUND asleep way before either.

My mom's pie's, any kind.

I hate the little bear with white dots stuck to his rear end, I think it's gross!

lori.huffaker said...

Also, the 'In Synch" comment was a joke, it didn't come across that way when I reread it.