Friday, October 29, 2010

Praise Be to the Aqua Net

My brother asked for photographs of my 70’s hair. Here they are. Sadly, these do not do justice to the true fullness of our coiffures or the baby blueness of our eyeshadow. The hair was large and, without a doubt, highly flammable, while the eyeshadow was breath taking and frosty.
The back looked better than the front. You don’t even want to know how many layers of ozone were damaged during the creation of this hair-do.  I haven’t worn this much hairspray since 1987. I think my neck is sprained from the weight of it.
I love how serious we all look, and how Karen is looking at her walkie-talkie like she’s trying to decide if this is a call she wants to take in the middle of our photo shoot, but what I love the most is how Lori looks like she was born to be a Charlie’s Angel.  She's a natural. I wonder if Charlie has any openings.
{Karen, Lori, Darcy, and Me}

*This concludes Hair Week. Join me Monday when I tell you how The Pioneer Woman stole my husband.

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Karen said...

I look downright confused for sure. But we were a hit ... and that's all that counts!